5 incredible tips for women to take control of their careers

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Focus on your strengths and make a few wise moves to jumpstart your career.

Working women face unique challenges at the workplace. Lack of investment in professional development, the absence of a role model, and juggling between work and family life are just a few of the barriers. However, it is possible to cross these hurdles and come out a winner.

Suggests Deepa Sapatnekar, head of communication, LinkedIn India, Korea and MENA region, “Don’t wait for your employer to give you guidance on your career path. Choose someone you admire at your company or elsewhere, and look at the career steps they made to be successful. Find out, for instance, how long they stayed in their role, and how often they moved to a new company.”

More ways to take control:

1. Seek out women who can act your mentor. Join business networking sites LinkedIn groups to find professional women in your industry or region and make new connections.

2. Ask questions about what you should look for in a mentor.

3. Research positions similar to your own to understand the skills involved and pay scales so you can have regular informed conversations about your remuneration.

4. Save time and effort by using online networks to meet like-minded women professionals, mentors and key business contacts.

5. Can’t find the time to attend networking events? Take a bit of time each day online to reach out to one key contact.

SOURCE: indiatimes.com


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