A people pleaser’  not seem the best tag to earn. Here’s when to draw the line.

People pleasers are an addition in the modern psychology, defining people who take decisions in an attempt to get everyone to always  them. It is said, that people pleasers can be the most annoying of the sorts, but being the same in a limited extent can also do good to you. Here are ways how to play it right:

Distinguish: Sort out your  list. Distinguish  a , an acquaintance and a frenemy. You don’t need to be a smiling soul always. Know whom to say yes to and whom not to; also when to say yes and when not to. At times, it is ok to  a ’s proposal. Then again, if it benefits you, it’s alright to please a frenemy.

Slow it down: If you are the kind who is used to say yes to people, no matter what, start slowing it down. It will be a gradual process, but in the long-run you will learn when and where to draw the line. Don’t always say yes just because you want to be in the good books of. Instead say yes when you think you it feels right.

Commit: Commit to your decisions. When you are willing to please a , learn to go on with the decision. Don’t just say yes for the moment. Say no if you think you will be unable to commit to the .

 expecting: Don’t expect the same from all. Just because you are a people pleaser, don’t expect everyone to behave the same with you. It’s a personal choice; respect it instead of just bad that if someone’s rejected your proposal while you’ve been extremely generous in turn. They surely isn’t people pleasers, so don’t feel bad.

SOURCE: indiatimes.com


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