Mercy Johnson Attacks Loose Ladies. «Magnus Ent

Some ladies have lost their thinking caps. Some found it but unable to use it. Must you clock 35 before you stop partying here & there? You already know all Eateries/ Hotels in town! You even know the tastes of their various ice-creams, pepper-soups, shawamas, etc.
And you can tell the prices of their beers and wines offhand.
Funny, you’re singing “No man is responsible.”
*Which responsible man drinks to stupour and clubs every weekend? *Which responsible man samples youand your slutty friends randomly?
*Which responsible man sags with dog’s chains on his neck and tattoos on his body?
Ask your self; “Is the guy I’m currently dating my dream man?”
Dear sisters,
If you are living your life as above, my dear, you are living a life of mirage. Be real! Humble yourself and soyou will be raised.
The so called “responsible men” you are searching forare not in the clubs and hotels, you won’t find them at the weekly birthday ‘bashes’, weekend beach crashingor pool-side jamborees loitering around women of easy virtues, drunkards and men of questionable characters. They are busy; in the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges studying hard for the life after school, and in the offices, workshops, and on business trips striving hard to make life better for theirfamilies and better than they’ve met it.
Use that brain Sweet Sisters!
It’s for thinking. – Mercy Johnson.


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  1. I would prefer to uslysht a bit a lot more on this subject


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