Things You Should NEVER Do For Your Man

Love is a beautiful thing and you should be able to go make sacrifices and compromise for your partner. But when the sacrifices become too serious or when it becomes illegal or unbearable, then maybe you should have a rethink.

Top of the list of the things you should never do for a partner under the guise of “Love” includes;

Have sex – we’d all agree that virgins are as rare as real gold these days but we’d also agree that virgins still exist. If as woman, you have vowed to keep your virginity till your wedding night, do not let a man tell you “If you love me, you’d sleep with me…” Heck if he loves you, he’d wait for that wedding night. If he loves you, he’d stand by your decision and keep his mind off sex and focus on more important things. If he can’t stay, then maybe he is not deserving of the cookie jar.

Refuse to wear a condom – if whenever you guys are about to have sex, he always pressures you into doing it without condom or maybe remove the condom without your consent then tries to pacify you with “if you love me…” Oh please spank his bare ass or walk the hell out. That is being selfish sister and since you’re allowed to love yourself first, tell him to respect your principles regarding sex and protection.

Get pregnant when you’re not ready – I’m not exactly sure if an average Nigerian man would be so eager to knock a woman off before settling down with her because he’s so much in love with her, but if this ever occurs, then ask yourself first, are you ready to be an unmarried mom? If this relationship breaks are you ready to be a “plus one”? Can you handle the stigma this society still places on single mothers? Can you handle the responsibility? Answer these questions genuinely, not because that man has told you that if you love him you would do it. Having a baby isn’t like purchasing a purse or a pair of shoes. You can’t just give it out when you don’t want again.

Having an abortion- Okay, you both have gotten pregnant and you honestly aren’t ready for it. He isn’t financially capable to run a family yet and he sternly says to you that if you love him, you’d get rid of the child. Even when you don’t want to. As much as you both made this baby together, it is not in his place to decide the baby’s fate. It is in your place, both your place. So don’t let a man work on your emotions for his own selfish reasons.

Have a sex tape – he has numerous sexual fantasies and one of them is to have a RayJ/Kim Kardashian type of sex tape. He’s been trying to talk you into the risky situation and now he’s saying if you’re that much in love with him you’d do it. Now stop there please, this could lead to a lot of regrets if that sex tape gets out. He would be cheered as doing it well and you would be called a bitch/cheap whore and every other nasty name there is under the heavens. This would also haunt you forever, because your future husband would not like to hear that his wife participated in a little dirty flick, neither would your kids. If your boss also knows you have a sex tape how much longer do you think you’d be able to hold the job? Think clearly before you let yourself get emotionally blackmailed into ruining your own future by yourself.

Stress yourself – some guys tell their girlfriends to go out of their way for domestic chores for them and worse, their friends. They say if the girl loves them and the relationship she’d do that. No sister, don’t stress yourself to please your man. It should be something you’d willingly do not something you’d forced to do.

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