Fashion Aid:-What to wear if you’re skinny

Do you sometimes have difficulty finding the right clothes for your thin frame? Hordes of women envy your size, yet it’s often difficult to find good clothes that suit you and play to your strengths. Follow trendy rammy’s advice to get a feminine and trendy look.

Celebs who dress well for their shape

The following stars are tiny, but dress to flatter their bodies.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Known as Carrie to Sex and the City fans, Sarah Jessica has become a global style icon. SJP is thin and muscular, but always looks fab and a little different. She’s living proof we really can wear what we want, even if we’re not model height. Thank you Carrie!!

Charlotte Rampling
Model-turned-actress Charlotte Rampling has always accepted her very thin body. In her youth she showed off her long legs in mini-dresses, and today she goes for elegant trousers and long dresses

The right cut
You need to create curves where you want them. You can dare to wear very tight close cuts or longer, bigger cuts to make you look wider. If you are a size 6 or 8 there are affordable brands out there that specialise in slim sizes and do some very feminine pieces.
The right colours
Almost anything goes. Current fashion is geared towards women who are thin and happy in their skin. Don’t be shy about wearing bright colours: dare to wear red or yellow if you have the right colouring. If you want to look wider, wear neutral/light colours and play with contrast. For example wear light tops and dark bottoms or vice versa. Prints look great on you, so go for big motifs. You can also wear horizontal stripes if you are tall

The right accessories
With the right accessories you can highlight your strengths – your slim figure, elegant neck and lean legs. accessories can add volume by playing with horizontal lines.

– Belts
If you have no waist, go for wide belts in bright colours. If your waist is small, try out some beautiful original belts.
– Big bracelets
Wooden or metal bangles add curves! Wear several on your wrist to jazz up a dull outfit or give it an ethnic look. If your wrists are really tiny, bangles give an illusion of volume and of softness. Be careful not to go too bling, though!

– T-shirts with very short sleevesIf you have very thin arms, they’re not very flattering. Go for ¾ length or long sleeves. Don’t do spaghetti straps if your shoulders are bony.
– Slight V necks
These are too pointy for you. They enhance the vertical line of your figure. Round or square necks are better. Also avoid long jewellery, but go for V neck jumpers over bare skin or a white tee.

– Flared mini skirtsThese can make your legs look even skinnier than they already are. If you like light skirts, go for long ones that flatter you more
Also try

-Balloon skirtsOne word: volume! The balloon skirt doesn’t suit everyone, but it looks good on thin frames, whether you’re tall or petite. The ballon skirt is quite short and usually comes in cotton. It isn’t actually shaped like a balloon at all: it’s doubled, with an uncut bottom.

 -Pleated skirtsRock the schoolgirl look in pleated skirts that stop just above the knee. These are ideal for skinny legs because the pleats give fullness at the hips and thighs. Wear with a jumper and ballet pumps or heels.

– Bomber jacketsThey break up your figure and add shape, which is exactly what you need. In terms of fabric, avoid synthetics which can look cheap. Go for classic leather or denim, and go for classic long-sleeved bomber shapes. Jackets should stop just above the hips. Team with jeans or a skirt.

How to cheat
– Plain white or coloured shirtsThey can be dressed up or down for all occasions. Tuck into your trousers or into a straight skirt to create volume, or accessorise with a little pearl necklace to add roundness for a girly look.

– Boot cut jeans
A low cut waist is ideal for creating curves. Boot cuts make your buttocks round, and the new flared jeans are tight-fitting but flare out at the ankles, so they flatter skinny bodies more than other types of jeans like skinnies which can just end up making you look skinnier.

– Wide trousers
They’re back in! Choose a pair with a good finish and large turn-ups at the bottom. They fall perfectly on flat shoes or platforms if you’re short. Wear with straight long-sleeved sailor-stripe tops.
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