‘I’m Grateful For Where I Am Now’ – Gifted Singer Praiz Opens Up To NET

In the last two years, Praiz has worked his way to the upper echelon of prominent vocalists in Nigeria, grabbing the attention of everyone.
In this interview, the X3M Music talented singer tells NET his plans for the future, his choice of spouse and his desire to win a Grammy Award
Okay let’s start with memories of growing up, how it was for you?
Growing up was fun for me, it was a learning process, first of all, I was born in Lagos and because of the nature of my father’s job, we had to move to Kaduna when he was transferred there. The change of environment brought me in contact with a lot of things and I learnt a lot which has contributed to making me who I am.
What convinced you about music being your calling? 
Project fame was the major sign for me, although I have always loved music and tried all music reality TV shows available in this country. Project fame was my last and my first breakthrough into the major music scene and to me it was a great feeling, it was a time that I will never ever forget because it gave me the spotlights I needed, it gave me the influence that any upcoming artists would need.
So why do you think you didn’t end up winning.
Well, God knows best and I think it was best for me and don’t forget, everyone has a destiny and everyone has a story. If I had won, probably my story wouldn’t be the way it is supposed to be and I may miss out on some things that I am getting right now. I went into the competition to win but although I didn’t, I am happy at least I was among the top three. I won a car and a million naira, which was something very awesome then.
 If you could cast your minds to your days in the house, what things would you say you missed out of while in the house?
Let me start from the positive angle, PF (Project Fame) taught me a lot which included how to be a very good performer who can connect and interact with his crowd. On the not-so-positive side, it brought fame. When fame comes, there are some things that one has to let go. These things you may want to continue with them but you just can’t anymore, but I still think I’m still the same person, the only difference is that I’m realising my dreams and it’s normal for people to look different because you are succeeding and the way they used to know you is not the way they know you now but personally I think I’m still the same person.
What are those things you can no longer do because of your present status?
I used to play soccer a lot but now there is not much time for that. I used to swim a lot then and though right now I am always very busy, I make out time to go swimming.
How about your production skills?
Well my production skill is still there but I’m keeping it on the low and that is because I want to be focused. I don’t want to be Praiz the singer and producer at the same time, I think it causes a distraction. I would rather just be on my own and produce and I would just showcase it and if you call me in I would just produce for you but I just don’t want to be distracted by saying I’m a producer, singer and songwriter. Football is still in the blood but music gave me my first car, I think I should be wise and follow that.
Being a product of a reality show, how would you respond to the many negative tales about reality shows in Nigeria?
From what I have gathered, there seems to be a certain belief about reality shows. They think it’s just avenue to show people off and after they have won, not much is heard of them. I will like to prove them wrong, citing the example of Chidinma who was on PF and has won a Kora award. Omawumi is another example, she’s doing great and I’m not doing bad myself. Reality TV shows are actually not for everyone but it’s an opportunity that if properly used may be of a great advantage
 Talking about the fame that comes with being on the TV, are you under any pressure as regards meeting expectations?
I’m not pressured and I think I owe it to my background. I was brought up in a way that all the kids had to be content with what they have and it’s part of me already, I don’t live above my means no matter what I do, I live under my means, I don’t overdo; I know what I have to do and I know what I shouldn’t do so I’m not pressured.
Let’s talk about your album.
Yes, my debut album, it’s going to be versatile and this I mean in the sense that it will showcase the different sides of Praiz and I’m really excited because it’s my first ever album in my life, I mean there are a lot of people who have been waiting for this album for like forever and I’m putting in my best. I am sure when it comes out they would understand why it took this long and I have a couple of collaborations on the album from Nigeria to Kenya and South Africa, hopefully one from the over sea which is going to be a very big surprise and will blow people’s mind.
Okay, so when is it likely to be released?
April or May
What is likely to be the title?
Rich and Famous
Talking about that, tell us the inspiration behind that song
It is an inspirational song that inspires you to be who you really want to be and be a success, from my own angle, I’m a musician and I want to be successful, I want my music to go far and wide and I want people to be inspired by what I do, I want to make a lot of money to buy my mum a car and I want to be popular and famous by my music and it’s just a song that inspires a person’s view to go out of his comfort zone and be whoever they want to be.
The music industry seems to be in your favour at the moment. How long do you intend doing music?
As long as I’m good to go and my fans are still there. We all know music has a lifespan and the best is to just make use of the time. As far as I am concerned, it is music for now and considering my age, I still have years ahead of me. Please, don’t ask how old I am though.
At the expiration of the life span, what do you plan to turn to?
Business, Real estate and other business related things and as the years go by, God will just inspire me and I will know what next to do.
What seems to be the vogue right now are club banging songs, which isn’t the genre you do. Are you looking at changing sometime in the future?
I don’t think I will and because whether we like it or not music is changing in Nigeria and Nigerians in as much as they love party songs, are tired of listening to same genre, lyrics and melody of music which is where I come in. My style is a breath of fresh air and I know it is going to be appreciated.
At the Headies last year, you and Toolz made a lot of buzz when you appeared together on the red carpet. What do you think of Toolz?
She’s an amazing person, a very lovely personality too. There wasn’t anything more to our being paired up.
 You both look great together. Is there a possibility of being a little closer?
Only God knows tomorrow but now we are friends much.
Which Nigerian female celebrity would you like to date?
Funny enough, I have never thought about that, but now that you just said it, maybe I need to sit down and start doing that.
Why hasn’t Praiz gotten married?
I’m still young. It’s not yet time to get married besides, I’m building my life and trying to put it in place. Again, marriage is not something one can just jump into because it is supposed to be a once in a lifetime thing, so I don’t think I should be in a hurry and to think I have a career that is coming up but who knows, maybe when the right person comes and we build a good relationship then we head up to the altar.
A lot of celebrities, these days are getting married in different places. Where would Praiz like to get married.
I will like to get married on a beach, the environment, wind, sand and everything. It’s just different. It’s either a beach or a yatch.
What will you say is the big picture for Praiz Adejo’s musical career?
The Grammy’s. It might sound ridiculous but I want to win it. I have been saying this since I was in the Project fame house, but I still believe strongly that I have to win that thing.
Finally, what is your take on the Nigerian music scene?
Everyone knows that the Nigerian music industry is doing great and the world acknowledges same. However, it is not there yet though, but we are gradually reaching that point and I am optimistic, we will be where we ought to be.

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