#PMP#:-:)PARAMOUNT MASK PARTY:* ..#Anticipate

P. M.P. Paramount Mask Party , If by now you haven’t heard about the biggest thing ever to storm our social circle then u r seriously missing..~#PMP#~ Is the first party EVA to bring top ballers, poppaholics and hottest chicks from 6 universities together under one roof defending der institutions honour ~#PMP#~ is not the kind of party u r used to…dis is a first of its kind…wanna know why ? Lemme tell u. 1 } ~#PMP# is d first ever mask party ever to be held in club +234. 2} ~#PMP# is the first 100% champagne battle party in Ogbomoso. 3} ~#PMP# is the first party to ever make clubs and respected boys drag ( by quantity and quality of assorted drinks popped) for there respect. 4}~#PMP# is wer u r allowed to do as u please with ur identity kept a secret !! Yes u heard me ryt ! Ur Identity will be kept a secret…the masks given to u at d venue will provide you wit d power of anonymity (hidden identity) B-) ..so u can feel free to rock have fun and go crazy as u wish. *~ PREPARE TO WITNESS THINGS NEVER BEEN DONE IN OUR H.I.S.T.O.R.Y*~ WARNING: there will be excess popping so do not complain if u accidentally get some assorted drinks on u..just join d fun 😀 and pop urs…..wanna know more ? XANADUS. 07062748930. 260980A2.
BAYVIK. 07067788974. 2346AC1

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