Chris Brown Gets Introspective In New Interview

Has Chris Brown changed?

For a minute now, Chris Brown has pretty much been on a ‘nunya business’ type of vibe while turning down interviews, however, he’s beginning to turn over a new leaf.  This week, he has begun a press tour which included a visit to Ryan Seacrest as well as a sit down with Ebony Magazine in an effort to show that he’s maturing. He’s also promoting his new album, which won’t hit the streets until the summer, but word is this time around Chris is softening his edge appeal and getting vulnerable while showing off a new and more mature C. Breezy.

This week, While chatting with Ebony, Chris chatted candidly about his music as well as the changes he has made in his life over the past few months. He says that he has finally pulled back from social media, has gotten his anger in check, and he is beginning to accept his influence as a role model.

Catch a few excerpts:

    On his new album X
    The title of the album is called X. So basically, it’s defining who I am as a 24-year-old male trying to grow up. But also X is also a release. X is almost like the forbidden sign, or caution, So it kind of demonstrates not always being the good guy all the time, but identifying with the people who don’t have a voice, or never had a chance, or never had that yes in their life. So with X that kind of defines who I am, being able to have that voice through my music.

    It’s just been a growing process for me in general. I think everybody is expected to grow. I think me being 15 [when I came out], I wouldn’t want to have the same mentality I had back then, now. So just me going through different personal experiences and life lessons and dealing with relationships and love. You get a chance to take a journey with me and kinda see my growth as a young man, not a full-grown man, but a young man.

    With me, over the three or four year processing whatever my trials and tribulations have been, I’ve been focused on the wrong thing. I’ve been focused on being sheltered or being a recluse, and not trying to be as vocal or express my feelings. But I think now I’ve been able to channel that and mature a little more and find out how to put it in my music.

    And with X, I’m not looking back at the past, that’s what the past is for. I’m looking toward the future—toward everything that’s going to elevate me mentally and physically.%

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