Where Did I Go Wrong Here? – A True Life Story

What am about to relate here just happened over the weekend and it got me so confused, i told a friend of mine, who then asked me to join narrate my ordeal here, i might get useful answers. So here i go.

A few months back, i met a lady on a social networking site, she is a Pharmaceutical student in one of the Universities in the South-South. We got talking, trying to psych up each other’s intellectual prowess. i discovered she is a very good communicator, well read and highly versatile in almost every topic (politics, sports, social events, religion etc). She knew a bit about almost everything, and i too, am also an all rounder. So we took a liking to each other.

With each passing day, as expected, the issue of s*ex came up, i told her that i can never put pressure on a woman for s*ex on a first date, no matter how much pressed i am. I’d rather suffer in silence than do that. She said it’s a lie, all men are the same, they appear nice and cute on the outside, but the moment a woman come into their life, the demon in them come out. I told her, am different, that the moment am focused on something, am focused, and unless the lady makes me believe she wants s*ex, i’ll never ask her for it (on a first date). We both laughed and forgot the issue.

Just last week, i was sent on a strategic training session in her State, and i called her on Friday evening, after classes. She came to my hotel, we hugged, laughed, and said all sorts of nice things to each other (being the first time we’re meeting), and we decided to spend the cool evening in a romantic resort. At about 8pm, when it was time to go, i called a cab to take her to her hostel and then take me back to my hotel. She told the cab driver to take us to my hotel first, that she’ll pick a cab from there back to her hostel. I agreed. We got to the hotel and she changed her mind, said she would spend the night and go back early Saturday. I was curious, but didnt argue, we both watched SkyNews till about 10pm and decided it was time to sleep, she went to take her bath while i went downstairs to get a recharge card. When i came back, i saw her wearing one of the sexiest, silky pacific-blue lingerie, she was arranging her hair in the bed mirror, immediately, i knew i was in for a huge test, so i complimented her outfit, got my blanket out and made to sleep on the couch. She looked at me with the side of her eyes, mumbled some incoherent words and got into the bed. My mind was heavy and i couldn’t sleep. After a while, i heard her faint snoring and immediately knew she has slept, so i forced myself to sleep too.

Early the next morning, she woke up with a chip on her shoulders, i greeted her, she brushed it aside, she made to the bathroom, brushed, took her bath, and in less than 15mins, she was on the elevator going back to her hostel. I was shocked, dumbfounded and too scared to even follow her, i tried to BB her, she has deleted me, i called, she wouldnt take my calls. I came back to Lagos yesterday, still tried calling with the office line, as soon as she hears my voice, she’ll drop the call.

So guys, thats my story. Where did i go wrong? I think am attracted to her as much as she is to me. Matured responses would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks

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