Yvonne Nelson accused of having a rude attitude

Artistes mostly need the media for the continuous progress in their respective entertainment fields. Unfortunately however, the relationship between the media and an artiste can sometimes turn sour and the subsequent ensued head butts usually don’t argur well for both parties.
Recently, Yvonne was rumored to have blacklisted the media in Ghana for negative reportage about her. The blacklisting hasn’t gone down well with the Head of Ghana Movie Writers Association who has subsequently launched scathing criticisms at the actress;
“Yvonne Nelson does not have any moral authority to blacklist any Ghanaian media house or person; rather, the media has decided to sideline her due to her own rude attitude and indisciplined propensities.”
“We the media are more powerful than any celebrity or Yvonne Nelson and that, Yvonne can never blacklist the media but rather the media has blacklisted her. Some of us who write solely as movie writers in Ghana decided to blacklist her because of her indisciplined acts and the fact that she doesn’t respect the media. She forgets that it is the same media that made her and the same media can ‘humble’ her to where she started,” he posited.
He cleared the air about Yvonne Nelson who complained about Ghanaian media not contacting her before they put any publication out there;
“That statement is false. Yvonne Nelson has a very bad attitude amongst all the female stars we have in Ghana. She wouldn’t even pick your call if you call or reply a text if you SMS her to reveal your identity as a journalist, even some of us who started promoting her. She might end up insulting you if you try, hence we blacklisted her.
I am the first person to write a profile on Yvonne Nelson As far as I am concerned. On record, Yvonne Nelson is having problems with majority of Ghanaian Art Writers, Journalists, Media Houses, etc. It will be in her best interest if she understands the work she’s doing, her status and receive media people with warm arms in order for her to enjoy good publicity” he advised.
Do you think it was right for him to criticize her in that manner? Do you agree or disagree with him?

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