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There is always a person(s) that seem to be outstanding around us, considering the way they treat us and what they portray. When this/these person(s) find their way into our heart they transform emotionally, psychological, mentally, spiritually and physically into a star in our life.
Entertainment seems to be the only field that makes provision for a social celebration of these our stars. Every entertainment fan will surely have a reason for loving a particular act(s), this/these Act(s) present and project his ‘outstanding style with different touches’. With the style presented by a particular act, millions of people (fans) follow his/her works and life to prove their platonic interest. Focusing on MUSIC, life can change from being fair to not being fair. Most acts reign for a while and later vanish into thin air. What causes this disappearance is worth taking-on.
Firstly (music acceptance), we should check what seem to be mostly accepted by music lovers at a particular place, period of time or season. For instance since the year 2008; afro beats, funky instrumentals, dance-able beats are used for most songs, commercial rap songs becomes favorite rap tracks,indigenous content in songs lyrics makes songs more liked, in West-Africa. These highlighted points can predict how your music can do as per fan acceptance in west side Africa. So, for artiste that have been reigning by giving out songs with the highlighted features will still continue to reign as long as the taste of these fans remain loyal and faithful to the highlighted description. On the other hand as the taste of the fans change and their favorite artiste seems not to be relevant and one styled then his reigning spot will definitely go for another rightful act that is definitely giving what is en-vogue, it’s a simple arithmetic : Give them what they want and like and they’ll give you stardom. This is applicable to Nigerian hip-hop sensation, David Adeleke popularly known as davido, Balogun Ayo (Wizkid).

The second (personal life style or scandal) is the issue humans have generally and being a star is not an exemption, when an artiste is going through tribulation, this psychologically affect his music life and his fans seem feel concerned positively or negatively. The negative makes his fan-base reduce consecutively which leads to his falling off the high stage. For the case of scandals, this is one of the most career killing, fans seems not to understand life enough by judging stars because of being involve in a scandal, forgetting that they are just human like every other homo-sapiens and are bound to be innocent or guilty when there is a misunderstanding. For example; Nigerian hiphop star Abolore Akande (9ice) he was judged due to his matrimonial issue with his ex-wife Tony Payne and the issue he had with former pal and colleague ogochukwu Steven (ruggedman), the two stars still suffer from what happened then till today, let’s admit and take things gently with these celebrities, to be leniently judged if at all and as for international music star, Chris brown had an issue with his fellow act And talented girlfriend Rihanna And breezy as mostly called by his fans was judged by fans and people across the globe, which led to him disengaged with every of his award nomination that year And breezy was also stigmatise as a woman beater. The worry is ”what if he couldn’t get himself together and make Good music in getting nominated for an award not to even talk of winning one for the sake of the effort he has sacrificed since he’s been into music to get to this stage. And to win the heart of the people who has chosen him to be their best. So, we all should learn a lesson that we should never let our worries overwhelm us, because he fought it, he won and he’s doing fine.
The next is the case of Versatility, some artiste get success by luck because screening their works, one will have no doubt that they get to the top by fluke. Most of these star like this are tagged ”one hit artiste”. They come around, entertainment lovers feel them and they gain the fame and whatever comes along with it, then fans want more of the goodies but huuuugh!!! They are exhausted of seasonal or cool songs so they are missing and they are no more today. Some are talented and are not exhausted but they lost their touches of how to make the kind of songs they made to get to the top. Some aren’t versatile enough to change their tune to what people like at a particular time, because sometimes fans taste get better so acts need to improve and give them fortified songs.

This versality makes artiste last longer, tuface idibia, dbanj, p-square are the ones belonging to this group because they changes to what fans want, that’s because they are versatile And we all know the list of those affected.

To be continued…..
Author – Dimpled Angel
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  1. @EssentialRidwan,u are really talented. U rock


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