‘Kanye Loves Jesus’: Meagan Good Defends Kanye West’s Christianity Against Critics

PicturesDespite illuminati rumors and considerably blasphemous song lyrics, Meagan Good says that no one is in the position to judge Kanye West’s personal walk with God because none of us are perfect.

It all began when Meagan reportedly tweeted an article titled ‘Kanye West: I’m a Disciple of Christ,’ which urged readers to take a closer look at celebrities who refer to themselves as Christians, such as Kanye West. She followed up with a clip from Kanye’s infamous interview on Kris Jenner’s talk show where he discussed his ‘What Would Jesus Do’ bracelet and his relationship with God, accompanied by a caption that reads: “Kanye loves Jesus.”

“Rob [Kardashian] gave me this, and it’s just ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ and I love it. It’s just such a cool bracelet and I’m a Christian and I wanted to let people know that that’s what’s on my mind. It’s important to me that I grow and walk and raise my family with Christian values,” Kanye told Kris during the August interview.

As you can probably guess, Meagan’s tweet did not sit too well with some followers. In no time, the Anchor Man 2 actress’s mentions were filled with people questioning how Kanye could consider himself a Christian while putting out songs such as, “I Am God.” Meagan, however, only continued to defend Kim K’s baby daddy, scolding them for being so negative. See her tweets below:Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Tweet 3

Tweet 4

Tweet 5

Tweet 6What are your thoughts?


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