Miley Cyrus: The Mis-Evolution

Away from fluctuating figures on the stock exchange, indecision on the part of the White House as to whether to launch an offensive on Syria, or the long overdue conviction of serial kidnapper Ariel Castro, the world tuned in to the MTV Video Music Awards held in Brooklyn, U.S.A on the 26th of August 2013.  Read more after cut…

Beyond the reunion of defunct boy band ‘N Sync, the outstanding performance of Katy Perry and Macklemore’s advocacy for equal rights of the ‘’sexual minority’’, one major talking point has lingered on for days: Miley Cyrus’ performance.

Best known for her role in the Disney Channel series ‘’Hannah Montana’’ where she played a role going by the same name and which aired from 2006 to 2011 attracting millions of fans worldwide, the 20-year old singer-actress had been carving a new reputation for herself lately. Far from the sweet teenager adored by fans of the Disney Channel, Miley had been making headlines in a number of cringe-worthy ways, from outings featuring a curious case of under-dressing, to raunchy photo shoots, to sticking out her tongue at random and of course, the infamous twerking dance (which i personally find disturbing).

No one however anticipated what would happen on the night of the VMAs. After performing her recent hit ‘’We Cant Stop’’ (which featured giant teddy bears and frequent tongue thrusts), she was billed to collaborate with Robin Thicke for the onstage performance of his track ‘’Blurred Lines’’, but ended up stealing the show in an unforgettable, head-scratching performance. Clad in a tiny leotard, she eventually stripped down to her underwear, with her performance including a raunchy hip-thrusting, tongue-sticking and twerking routine (complete with a foam finger used to lascivious effect).

The performance shocked everyone, from her team to the audience, with Robin Thicke barely managing to conceal his surprise. The facial reaction of Will Smith and family to the performance was priceless, and even Rihanna could not contain her emotions. Various reactions have since followed, with many fans of the entertainment industry describing her as a girl on a downward spiral, and tipping her for a meltdown. Many have also blamed her parents for not showing enough guidance, with others making references to her not-so-abundant rear end.

It is clear to see that Miley is not quite the adorable 15 year-old viewed by many on the Disney Channel six years ago, but the question remains as to whether she really deserves all the backlash she is being treated to. Miley is an adult, at least technically, and there could be a number of reasons for her recent actions. First off, she could be on a journey of self-discovery. The ages of 20 to 25 are very defining for any young person, and while there exist better ways to go about it, it could be said that little Miss Cyrus is still searching for who she is.

Next up is the the small matter of reinvention. The world is used to the teenager that graced their TV screens in years past, and Miley is probably fed up with that image. In a quest to redefine herself, she has taken up all sorts of new acts and personas, and while the effort is acknowledged, it just might be backfiring.

Closely linked to the issue of reinvention is the fear of obscurity. Entertainment lovers have a rather short memory, and the wind of Fame is not so kind. Simply put, celebrities come and go, and it’s no small battle staying relevant. Miley’s recent antics might just be geared towards trying to leave a lasting impression on fans, something which she feels would have a stronger effect than the Hannah Montana Character.

One major demon faced by celebrities is pressure, and over the years Miley has had to battle with that, from her fame on the Disney Channel, to her struggle to effectively combine singing and acting, to her famous friendship with the Jonas Brothers (one in particular), and the fact that she remains a model of some sort to kids all around the U.S.A. She could just be tired of having the world watch her back, and may just have decided to relax, set out on a mini-rebellion of her own, some sort of ‘’personality vacation’’.

Ultimately, Miley may not be the ‘’accident waiting to happen’’ that she’s being touted to be of late, but it would nonetheless be wise for her to get a hold of herself while she still can, and more importantly, twerk less for Pete’s sake!

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