From Wine Stains to Tight Shoes! Check Out 10 Style Tips & Tricks You can Try Today

Hi. We all like it when we get some pretty useful tips from our friends. It could be on how to make your lipstick last longer or the real secret to keeping your eyebrows from wiping off your face. Whatever the case, I am glad the style gods always have our back.

Today on BN Style, I am going to be sharing some of the greatest style tips I have gotten so far. Now, they are not set in stone and different people have their own variations of some of them. In all, I hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to share yours as well.

1. If you want to wear an over sized t-shirt and the sleeves are having a hard time staying up, simply take a rubber band and place it over the end of your sleeve; preferably above the rim of the shirt. Put the rim over it and start to fold to your preferred length. The rubber band acts alike a band for the shirt that lightly holds the fold in place.

2. If you are out with your friends and some red wine spills in your lovely dress, don’t sweat it. Take a little white white wine, pour some on a napkin and gently rub on the stain. It will come off.

3. If you have got an oil stain on your handbag, a little baby powder can help. Pour a coating of baby powder on the stain and leave the bag to lie down or stand, making sure the stain is facing up. Do this overnight and the powder would soak up the oil. If a little oil still remains, add a little more and repeat the process for a thorough clean.

4. Hi vintage shoppers! Don’t you just hate the odd smell that comes with some fabulous clothes you buy. Well, to get rid of it you can spray a mixture of two part water and one part vodka on the piece of clothing. Don’t worry about the smell of alcohol on the clothes, vodka is odorless.

5. Have deodorant stains on your clothes? Take the protective foam used on hangers and gently rub it against the stain and it will fade off.

6. To take off the scuff that starts to build on suede shoes or other suede pieces, gently use a nail file to buff the surface.

7. If you get something spilled on your clothes, blot the stains instead of rubbing it. Rubbing the stain will only drive the stain further into the fabric.

8. Add some distilled vinegar to the final rinse when laundering your dark jeans. This would help maintain the wash/colour of the jeans.

9. Are your shoes too tight? Take two freezer bags and fill them with water. Place the filled bags in the shoes and place them in the freezer. As the water gets solid and expands, so will your shoes.

10. If your ring is larger than your finger, take some transparent tape and wrap it round the part of the ring that shows on your palm, several times. After a few wraps, try the ring again to see if it fits, if not add a few more wraps. Any tape can be used but transparent tape is advised because ti is the least likely to be detected.

For more tips & tricks to making style easier, watch this space. Have a great day.



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