Having company makes life so easy to live, and this can also make it so miserable. Regardless of the age, sex, gender, financial status, we all need something from folks we don’t know and the ones we know to be precise. Some individuals embrace Independence to the extent of living without having affection and respect for their relations, while some individuals rely on people to progress in whatever they are involved.

Reading the paragraph above, one would probably think this journal should be a guideline on how to live with or without friends, partners and associates. Digesting the last sentence from the first would definitely tell you what this is all about.
I grew up in a moderately populated neighborhood where you can’t keep to yourself, because almost every of the residing families live together in harmony, just like blood relations neglecting societal class, ethnicity or religion. So, being a sensitive kid in this small beautiful world, I learnt a lot about love, partnership, self discipline and dependency. Looking deep into my encounters, I was able to
“Being dependent is humane, being too dependent is weakness while being independent takes courage”
There are times you will need someone 2 put you through a difficulty, then your partnership, friendship and relationship you’ve kept comes to your rescue.

Some people have problems with friendship, relationship because of their pride forgetting that  some friends makes us feel loved than our brothers or sisters, this makes the people that forgo partnership loose this compassionate feeling.

When it comes to “Dating and Loving”, laying of love becomes so interesting. Some people actualize their goals on time just because of the person they are in love with or dating precisely and precisely.

Loving is an essential factor that makes you realize being together with someone in life is natural and beneficial. When you are loved purely and exceptionally by someone, you will unconsciously loosen up on your principles of being independent, except if you don’t have a heart that pumps red blood. Also when you love someone wholeheartedly and you are loved back, the essence of existence will surely be shown to you by no man. Then easily you climb to the top for you have passionate additional reason to get to the top.

Seriously, the major aspect that helps both lovers to progress in their Endeavour is “PEACE”, and this comes from “TRUST”
When you find someone that trust you so much and tries to avoid drama, issues or fight at every opportunity, then you will absolutely be focused in whatever you reaching for.

However, some people says having a relationship slows you down in projection because you have to start dealing with someone else’s emotions alongside yours which will apparently distract you and mistaking your steps in getting accomplished. The correction to this notion has been stated above, but for further explanations; I will say a relationship that slows you down in achieving your goals is simply a wrong relationship. Its either you are the problem of yourself by not trusting your partner, you are not being expressive enough to say what you feel and what you want, you not loving your partner right or your partner doing all these things to you. So, this means you are on the wrong way.

Moreover, being with someone that prays and pray for you matters a lot because to have a sweet relationship and smooth ride to glory requires God’s blessings. So when your partner prays for both parties, the effect will surely be seen positively. Then don’t you complain about things not working out for you because you are with someone, move closer to the Almighty and persuade your partner to do the same. Surely your union shall be blessed.

When you find someone that forgives and forgets easily, that means you’ve found an understanding partner and not a fool, because for every mistake u make your partner will never judge you wrongly but reason in the right sense and correct u against next time. You will definitely learn about doing the same to your partner and to other people around you and that makes you a better person to the society at large.

In addition, Satisfaction is one thing that can make you loved and cherished because to satisfy human is not a child’s play, which is why there are some desire a lonely person can never get. So also, getting one’s desire in a relationship isn’t easy, you have to love what you are seeing naturally before the feeling of adjustment set in because human choices and likes changes due to their psychological nature. These desires could be care, sex, dressing, correction, attention, appearance and looks, religious practice, neatness, faithfulness, etc. For being with someone that can meet up with one’s desire ends one’s seek for other companionship and makes you feel complete

Having these narrated features in your relationship/partnership makes you independent while dependent for you are with your SOUL MATE not a Girlfriend, Fiance or Wife. So don’t abuse relationship companionship, friendship or partnership saying they are trouble builders.

Love is a beautiful thing get a SOUL MATE and your journey in life becomes easy.

Come to think of it, God created Eve in support of Adam, so you both need each other on this trip with love as your navigation.

Author Ridwan Adeyeye


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  1. I feel d article is lovely nd it really gonna hlp peeps in der relatnshp nd d way dey look up 2 oders… a fab article


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