Newly wed couple and their baby win big at valentine special ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ (photos)


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Arogbodo, a salesman from Ekiti State, his wife, Ngozi Arogbodo of
Delta state origin and a client service professional and their two day
old baby were the latest to benefit from the popular TV game show Who
Wants To Be A Millionaire. It was a Valentine Special Edition and they
won N250,000 jointly, their baby got a gift of N100,000 in addition to
their winnings from the stable of Ultima Limited. Interestingly, this is
the first time a baby would appear on the show…

Let us congratulate you on the arrival of the new baby you brought into our studios?

Husband: Thank you, sir. We thank God. It is God, honestly.

How do you feel?

Husband: That we feel great is an understatement. I don’t even know where to start from.

Wife: We are overwhelmed. The reception, the warmth,
the friendliness and above all, the winning and a gift to our baby, the
first of its kind on the programme.

Mr. Arogbodo is from where?

Husband: I am from Ekiti State.

And where is your wife from?

Wife: I am from Delta.

How did you meet?

Husband: We met in tertiary institution. We were in
the same class, and I think, through observations and by divine
arrangement we got to know ourselves better.

Wife: Yes sir, he is correct.

Which school?

Husband: Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State.

What course?

Husband: Mass Communication We started together. We were in same class.

When did you get married?

Wife: Just last year, we got married on April 13, 2013.

When did you get to know about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Husband: Over three years ago.

Wife: Mine is longer than that. Like four or five years now.

When did you hear about the Valentine Special of the show?

Husband: Last year.

Wife: I think I saw it last year.

Who played for this one?

Husband: I did.

Who was verified?

Husband: It was me. Everything has been the Lord’s
doing. She was heavy while I was being verified. Even when we scaled the
verification and eventually got the invitation she was still heavy. I
was just praying that she should deliver without problem so we could
make it here together, since I had been told the game was meant for a
couple. As God would have it, she was in the labour room three days ago.
It wasn’t easy at the initial stage, but suddenly God took control. She
had a baby boy safely two days ago.

When you got here initially what was your target?

Wife: In terms of cash, I actually hoped to attain
more than what I got. But when they announced the additional gift of
N100, 000 to our baby, it was simply unbelievable.

What about you, sir?

Husband: I felt same way.

But going by hindsight, you were verified even before your child was born?

Husband: Yes.

Wouldn’t you have seen the baby as the biggest of all your winnings?

Husband: Honestly, I did and I think as I was doing
that I was also equally hoping that both of us would be here for the
show. Even though looking at the scan results and all that, we were very
aware that the delivery day was very close. Even when they asked me if
we would be able to make it to the show, I said yes. During the delivery
when it came that the birth might not come naturally, I told the doctor
no caesarian section because she won’t be discharged for three days and
for me to have been invited for the show, then I was destined to be
here. So, we prayed together and God answered our prayers and before we
knew what was happening, she started having contractions and the baby
came. I was inside there when she delivered the baby and the following
day they discharged her. So, that gave me the approval that we were
destined to be here.

Apart from the fact that you were destined to be here, that
you scaled through the fastest fingers first and got in the hot seat is
another positive indication. Don’t you think so?

Husband: Of course, it is.

What would you spend your winnings on?

Both: We would invest in our baby’s education.

You said that together, was it rehearsed?

Husband: No, it came naturally.

Wife: God is working! Yes, in this studio.

So, what is your final reaction?

Husband: I am very happy and full of appreciation as
well, not just for the cash, but I truly believe the baby is a blessing
to us. Also seeing our baby as the first to appear on Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire? I am so joyous.

What is your final reaction?

Wife: I am joyous and overwhelmed; I see the whole thing as wow, am amazed. I really appreciate everything.

Do you have any words for MTN and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Wife: God would continue to bless the organizers.

Husband: To be candid, you people are really
changing lives for the better. This is a clear testimony. May MTN and
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire continue to grow. And may the Lord bless
the personnel here, you people are very warm. We are grateful.


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