Kris Jenner Believes The Kardashians Are The Target Of Pranksters! Keep Up With Her Punk’d-Like Theory HERE!

Whoa, this conspiracy theory could be in the X-Files, except sadly it does not involve aliens…well, at least not yet.
According to sources, Kris Jenner believes a group of pranksters are waging a punking war on the Kardashian clan!
Apparently, she believes that these pranking people are planting fake stories about them, including her sex tape, the story of her dating a rapper, Rob Kardashian’s trip to rehab, and more!
On top of that, Kris allegedly believes that someone has been dressing up like her, and booking fake photoshoots and restaurant reservations at the fanciest of places across the good ole U.S. of A.
Ooh, that is creep-ay!
But it gets weirder. According to sources, this team of tricksters called every Nobu in North America last week making her phone explode all at once!
Apparently, now Kris uses code words with different restaurants to make sure they know it’s the real deal momager asking for a res, and not this faux Kardashian business.
Who do we think is behind this? The hacking group Anonymous? The CIA?!

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