MAGUS Entertainment organize shows,have interview celebrities and upcoming.
We give opportunity for established and upcoming Models to be in the Magazine,organize shows,cover events and produce Magazine bi-monthly.

MAGNUS is a national campus print serving universities students across Nigerian and beyond. It would bring to you the changing patterns/events on various Nigeria campuses i.e. what is en vogue. The content of  is 100% student driven- from writers through to cover models. magnus would give students the chance to voice their opinions bi weekly in print and everyday online. magnus touches upon all aspect of university and college life, and it is dedicated to informing, engaging and entertaining students, coast-to-coast.
It would also bring to you various stories bordered on issues, most popular, fashion and style, religion, music, sports, politics, relationships, love tips, motivational angles, campus gist, business, campus true life stories, stories from the international angles and success tips. Other side attractions which shall be featured in the magazine publication includes: biggest boys on campus, biggest girls on campus, hottest chick on campus, hottest music, sport personalities on campus, most listened to songs, hottest spots on campus/awards and events.
MAGNUS is speculated to be a fast growing magazine that would find its way into people’s hearts and become a household name. In the course of time we believe that we will use this magazine to turn the lives of the Nigerian youth and provoke them to get involved in very profitable things as the magazine grows.
The operational plan is bi weekly i.e. two editions in a month. This is feasible because the venture operates within every day of the previous week for the assembling of all the information, edit them process and later print them out before it is finally distributed to the consumers or supply intermediaries.
MAGNUS® will be made available at malls, newsstands and other sales outlets. However, greater emphasis will be made on sales at campuses because students will be more enlightened with the koc staffs around. Advertisements would be on the internet, in order to get the whole world’s attention.
Preliminary studies and market survey carried out by our marketing team have shown great success potential and the successive probability is 1, in percentage that is 100%. The company is into publishing of magazines which consists of articles about entertainment, campus gist’s and rumors, fashion and lifestyle, motivational angles and business amongst others. After getting all direct reports & information for the new edition of the magazine, they are conveyed to the company’s Head Office for further editing before they are converted into edition.

  1. I kove this kind of Innovations…as an entertainer and into entertainment promoter such as magazines,gigs/shows,artistes….I love dis also because I’m an artiste..:ope to transact business with u guys MAGNUS…


  2. I kove this kind of Innovations…as an entertainer and into entertainment promoter such as magazines,gigs/shows,artistes….I love dis also because I’m an artiste..hope to transact business with u ‘guys’ MAGNUS…


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