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[#FASHIONMEETSART] – House Of Bellus Host runway and art exhibition

1Untitled HOUSE OF BELLUS unveils it maiden edition of its fashion show tagged “FASHION MEETS ART” .A runway and art exhibition,featuring 10creative fashion designs,30stunning models and just 1runway.The fashion event is sure to create a rage not only among fashionistas but also the consumers and promises to attract the participation of some of the most creative makeup artist.trend setting hair stylists,artist,media,pr and photography. The intent of this event is to support “ogbomoso/oyo state brand”,to show them as hip,creative and happening,by showcasing series of innovative local designers and artworks.with that in mind we can take a lot of liberties with the clothe designs,art and their presentation. 3Untitled Beneficial aspect of this events includes; To encourage indigenous fashion designers. To open new windows of business opportunities for individual & investors. To put ogbomoso,oyo state on the fashion map. To enlighten the general public/attendees about what’s trending/in vogue in the fashion industry. The event is billed to hold on the 11th of sept. 2014 by 4pm, at crystal springs hall,under G.ogbomoso.lautech,oyo state. We look foward to you being part of this exciting event.2Untitled

Shoe News: Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2014

While in Milan, I was able to preview Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2014 line!
The famous Italian shoe maker will be celebrating his 20th year in the business with four capsule collections representing themes that are quintessential to the Zanotti brand.

Take a look at what we can expect in a few months:
giuseppe zanotti fall 2014

5  giuseppe zanotti fall 2014
Furry, bedazzled, gold plaqued, and fabulous, Mr. Zanotti is not holding back on glamour for his forthcoming collection.
3  giuseppe zanotti fall 2014
2  giuseppe zanotti fall 2014

8  giuseppe zanotti fall 2014 1

Though pictures weren’t allowed during the presentation, I can tell you that the designer will be coming out with ’2 Chainz’ sneakers created in collaboration with the rapper himself (just imagine the designer’s current chain sneakers with 2 gold links on the back).
2 chainz american music awards 2013 2 chainz versace
At any rate, what do you think of the styles above?
See anything you’d rock?


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Fashion Week Discussion: Should Designers of Color Use Models of Color on The Runway?

Quite an interesting discussion erupted on Instagram when I posted a picture of Stella Jean‘s Fall 2014 collection, which showed today in Milan.

1 stella jean fall 2014
Stella Jean Fall 2014

Instead of focusing on the bright African prints and lustworthy shoes, commenters were more dismayed at the lack of diversity on Stella’s runway.

stella jean fall 2014 14
Stella Jean Fall 2014

Stella Jean, who is half Haitian and half Italian, is known for her vibrant kente and ankara printed separates, mixed with European menswear tailoring. She, however, didn’t use any black models in her Spring 2014 show. Out of 30 looks for Fall 2014, 3 were modeled by women of color.

A look from Stella Jean’s Spring 2014 Show

@SoulfulSwag wrote, “Who’s her audience? I hate when some African based designers only use Caucasian models! Are you afraid your clothing won’t sell if you actually use black models?”
stella jean fall 2014
@KidCadaver went on to look at Jean’s Instagram page, noting, “Stella Jeans IG, when viewed in the aggregate, looks odd for its overwhelming presentation of white models in ‘African’ inspired clothing.” @AsamPete added, “I just viewed her IG page and I must say I am disappointed in her lack of model diversity.

Stella Jean Instagram
A picture from Stella Jean’s Instagram

Bethann Hardison has been spearheading the movement for Diversity on the Runway since 2008. I agree that it would be nice to see a few more women of color on Stella’s runway, though she did use a handful this season.

stella jean fall 2014 2
stella jean fall 2014 1
Stella Jean Fall 2014

The bottom line is: designers still believe that women of color, particularly black/brown women, can’t sell clothes. The common belief is also that black women are not the target luxury customer; they’re not the ones buying the bulk of merchandise, so why cater to them by including them in advertisements or in runway shows?
Models display creations of Prada Spring
We obviously know this line of reasoning is false. Still, this season in Milan, some of our favorite fashion houses, including Etro, Dolce & Gabbana, and rapper’s delight Versace only used one black model on their runways.

versace fall 2014
Versace Fall 2014

Perhaps Stella is simply following in the footsteps of her colleagues, keeping diversity to a minimum as to not ‘shake the table.’ Jean is based in Italy–perhaps she believes her runway models truly reflect her consumer base. Jean is also half white. Maybe she identifies more with her Caucasian lineage than her Haitian heritage, despite her design aesthetic.
The bottom line is: diversity is the ideal for us at The Fashion Bomb and for people like Bethann Hardison, Naomi Campbell, and Iman. It would be great if diversity were the ideal for all designers–especially those of color; especially since there are so few designers of African descent showing on an international scale.

Stella Jean with Anna Dello Russo

Stella Jean with Anna Dello Russo

But it’s clearly not a priority for everyone. And I guess that’s their prerogative.

Stella Jean Fall 2013

What do you think?


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Rainy Season Fashion Tips for the Stylish Woman

Its that time of the year when the heavens open for hours on end and every time of the day suddenly seems like the perfect time to take a nap.

The rainy season is here again and so begins every commuting Lagosian’s worst nightmare…the flooding, crowded bus-stops and endless traffic are just some of the things we loathe about the rainy season. Plus, as every self-respecting fashionista knows, the rains can really cramp a girl’s style…out goes the funky hairdos and light-coloured clothes that are prone to mud stains and in comes the dark, dreary colours.

While there isn’t much we can do about the rains, we can reassure you that you need not look like a frump on account of it. As always, all it takes is a little preparation and coordination. So, we present to you fashion tips to take you through the rainy season.

    Get your braids on: yes we know you’d much rather rock that weave which cost you a small fortune and instantly adds 10 points to your hot-o-metre but let’s face it, weaves aren’t exactly the most practical option for the rains. It instantly loses its bounce when wet and before you know it, you’re right back at the hair-dresser’s hours after you left there..not exactly cost-effective. So save yourself the cost, stress and high blood pressure and embrace your inner Nubian queen with it Ghana weaving  or loose braids. As opposed to weaves, you don’t need to go running to your hair-dresser when it gets wet, all it needs is a little drying out and oiling and its good as new. Plus, braids can be packed in so many different exciting ways.

    Suede is a no-no: As smudging is to freshly-manicured nails, so is suede to water. While leather stands some chance of surviving, suede is utterly ruined by water as it seeps into it, leaving it discoloured, dull and matted. So shelve those suede shoes in the months to come.

    Jellies  are the way to go: rubber foot wear comes in so many exciting forms these days which is great because they’re the best thing for the rainy season. Rubber footwear isn’t just restricted to rubber sandals anymore, now there are flats shoes and even stylish pumps that all made of rubber. So invest in sturdy jellies and save your non-rubber shoes for the dry season.

    Show off those legs: ok not quite literarily but with the puddles of water and mud, you want to wear clothes that are as far-reaching from the ground as possible, so out comes the cropped pants, skirts and dresses. Cropped pants are very in right now so get a pair or two and lay low on the full length trousers which are more prone to mud stains because they’re closer to the ground.

    Get flirty with scarves: rainy days can be cold so why not steal some warmth from scarves? Chase away the gloom and cold of a rainy day by throwing a bright coloured scarf around your neck for that European uber chic look.

    Go patent: every girl (and guy) knows that a lady’s handbag can be quite the treasure chest holding any and everything you can think of. Now you don’t want to have to empty that treasure chest bag to dry things out when its been beaten by the rain. Protect those precious items then by investing in a patent leather bag as they are more resistant to water and just require a wipe when hit by rain as opposed to leather bags which soak in all the water

    Be prepared: of course it goes without saying that all these don’t protect you directly from the rain but merely help make things easier. So, ensure that throughout the rainy season you always have in your bag a small, collapsible umbrella, shower cap and rubber sandals(if need be). This way, you’re not caught unawares and left to scamper like a squirrel for safety when the heavens open. Good luck ladies!

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Fashion Aid:-What to wear if you’re skinny

Do you sometimes have difficulty finding the right clothes for your thin frame? Hordes of women envy your size, yet it’s often difficult to find good clothes that suit you and play to your strengths. Follow trendy rammy’s advice to get a feminine and trendy look.

Celebs who dress well for their shape

The following stars are tiny, but dress to flatter their bodies.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Known as Carrie to Sex and the City fans, Sarah Jessica has become a global style icon. SJP is thin and muscular, but always looks fab and a little different. She’s living proof we really can wear what we want, even if we’re not model height. Thank you Carrie!!

Charlotte Rampling
Model-turned-actress Charlotte Rampling has always accepted her very thin body. In her youth she showed off her long legs in mini-dresses, and today she goes for elegant trousers and long dresses

The right cut
You need to create curves where you want them. You can dare to wear very tight close cuts or longer, bigger cuts to make you look wider. If you are a size 6 or 8 there are affordable brands out there that specialise in slim sizes and do some very feminine pieces.
The right colours
Almost anything goes. Current fashion is geared towards women who are thin and happy in their skin. Don’t be shy about wearing bright colours: dare to wear red or yellow if you have the right colouring. If you want to look wider, wear neutral/light colours and play with contrast. For example wear light tops and dark bottoms or vice versa. Prints look great on you, so go for big motifs. You can also wear horizontal stripes if you are tall

The right accessories
With the right accessories you can highlight your strengths – your slim figure, elegant neck and lean legs. accessories can add volume by playing with horizontal lines.

– Belts
If you have no waist, go for wide belts in bright colours. If your waist is small, try out some beautiful original belts.
– Big bracelets
Wooden or metal bangles add curves! Wear several on your wrist to jazz up a dull outfit or give it an ethnic look. If your wrists are really tiny, bangles give an illusion of volume and of softness. Be careful not to go too bling, though!

– T-shirts with very short sleevesIf you have very thin arms, they’re not very flattering. Go for ¾ length or long sleeves. Don’t do spaghetti straps if your shoulders are bony.
– Slight V necks
These are too pointy for you. They enhance the vertical line of your figure. Round or square necks are better. Also avoid long jewellery, but go for V neck jumpers over bare skin or a white tee.

– Flared mini skirtsThese can make your legs look even skinnier than they already are. If you like light skirts, go for long ones that flatter you more
Also try

-Balloon skirtsOne word: volume! The balloon skirt doesn’t suit everyone, but it looks good on thin frames, whether you’re tall or petite. The ballon skirt is quite short and usually comes in cotton. It isn’t actually shaped like a balloon at all: it’s doubled, with an uncut bottom.

 -Pleated skirtsRock the schoolgirl look in pleated skirts that stop just above the knee. These are ideal for skinny legs because the pleats give fullness at the hips and thighs. Wear with a jumper and ballet pumps or heels.

– Bomber jacketsThey break up your figure and add shape, which is exactly what you need. In terms of fabric, avoid synthetics which can look cheap. Go for classic leather or denim, and go for classic long-sleeved bomber shapes. Jackets should stop just above the hips. Team with jeans or a skirt.

How to cheat
– Plain white or coloured shirtsThey can be dressed up or down for all occasions. Tuck into your trousers or into a straight skirt to create volume, or accessorise with a little pearl necklace to add roundness for a girly look.

– Boot cut jeans
A low cut waist is ideal for creating curves. Boot cuts make your buttocks round, and the new flared jeans are tight-fitting but flare out at the ankles, so they flatter skinny bodies more than other types of jeans like skinnies which can just end up making you look skinnier.

– Wide trousers
They’re back in! Choose a pair with a good finish and large turn-ups at the bottom. They fall perfectly on flat shoes or platforms if you’re short. Wear with straight long-sleeved sailor-stripe tops.
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