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People Are Placing Bets on Kim Kardashian vs. Kendall Jenner Vogue Cover, Lupita Nyong’o Talks The Price of Fame, and Jeremy Scott for Moschino to Show Tomorrow in Milan

    • To say Lupita Nyong’o‘s blown up in the past year would be a huge understatement. We’re starting to lose count of the magazine covers she’s graced, and the “best dressed” lists she’s topped. But all this recognition doesn’t come without responsibility. The 12 Years A Slave actress talked to BET Takes Hollywood on the price of fame: “The thing about having your image projected on many screens all over the world is that your image becomes something bigger than you, it has a life of its own. And that that life is inspiring young, dark-skinned or any complexion people to see beauty differently is a powerful thing.” Indeed. Catch her full interview on Monday, February 24th at 11PM on BET. (Fashion Bomb Inbox)


    • Fendi‘s planned an all-new way for us to watch their Fall 2014 fashion show, which will be via livestream tomorrow. The brand has put together a Fendi drone which will fly above the runway to snap aerial shots of each look. Still no word on whether this little robot will be covered in Fendi’s trademark fur. (The Cut)

    • More details have come out about the Kardashian Kids collection, which will be available exclusively at Babies ‘R’ Us. The reality sisters have put together a range of trendy-but-practical apparel for kids aged 0-24 months. Juxtaposing soft fabrics with trendy details (think butterflies, peplums, leather, and lace) the offering is actually pretty friggin’ cute. And with prices landing in a reasonable range ($15-$30) it’s now cheaper than ever to make your tot dress like North West… if you’re into that sort of thing. Kardashian Kids hits stores March 15th. Will you be buying? (WWD)

    • Tomorrow, Jeremy Scott‘s first collection for Moschino will bow at Milan Fashion Week, and WWD‘s got a preview of what to expect. A quilted hooded dress and prim-cut cow-printed separates are what’s on tap for this season, as well as evening wear and “suits, in crepes, bouclés, leathers, knits, silks,” said Scott. “Imagine our pre-fall collection with a volume turned way up, radio-station up.” Hard not to get psyched about a good turn-up! I can’t wait to see what Scott sends down the catwalk! (WWD)


    • Folks are already taking bets on which of the Kardashian/Jenner clan will be the first to get a Vogue cover. Kim‘s rumored shoot for the mag has allegedly already gone down, but Kendall‘s Instagam selfie spread for the mag and major catwalk bookings (Marc Jacobs in NY, Giles in London), have some Brits thinking that the 18-year-old could well steal the spotlight from her older half-sister. There’s already a pool going on at UK betting website Paddy Power, and so far, the odds are in favor of Kim (1/2) over Kendall (6/4). Who would you place your hard-earned pounds on? Kim or Kendall? (Fashionista)




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Kim Kardashian bored of Baby mama lifestyle

Seems like Kim kardashian is bored of being a mama and she misses attention. This was revealed by a source close to her.

The source said: “She’s really bored! She misses going out all the time to shop or eat and have people in public fawn all over her.”

“Kim really likes the attention she gets from people when she goes out in public or even online, but since Kanye wants her to be more selective about what she’s doing, it isn’t as interactive for her and she misses her old life.”

The star is still filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians, however, and this anonymous friend claims it’s something she sincerely looks forward to each week.

“Even though it’s all pretend, Kim really likes being in front of the camera.”

Ah!! After how many months?!!!!


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I want Kim pregnant again – Kanye West

The 36year old father plans to expand his family after the birth of his daughter North- west. He is trying to convince his girlfriend Kim to expand their family in the nearest future but the Tv star is more concerned with getting her body back in shape. Kim kardashian is really focused on getting
back her size 8 figure and she’s really hell bent on doing so. She is quite concerned about her boobs which increased doubly during her pregnancy. While Kanye wants another baby, Kim is not ready to undergo another hellish nine months, she just wants her body back. A source revealed Kim is getting ready to
undergo surgery to slim down and get her body back but Kanye is pretty freaked out considering his mom Donda west died during surgery


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Kim Kardashian Ready To Go Completely N*de For Playboy Mag To Show Off Post Baby Body


Kim Kardashian recently announced that she wants to flaunt her post-pregnancy body in yet another naked spread for Playboy Magazine. Everyone was wondering one thing: What would Kanye think about this? Well according to sources close to Yeezy, he supports Kim 100% and is really turned on by the idea. You weren’t expecting that one, were you ???
Will Kanye attend the Playboy shoot while his baby mama bares her goods for the camera? Absolutely. According to a source close to Kanye, “Hell yeah he would go and then he’d make them get out of the room so they could handle some business alone. He likes being in control and I wouldn’t be surprised if he started to direct the whole damn shoot.”
Apparently Kanye thinks that Kim is “brilliant” for having the guts to do such a risque shoot.
“If Kim wants to do it and if it’s something that’s going to make her happy, he’s all for it. He likes all that sexy sh*t Kim be doing. He likes her confidence,” adds the source

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“I would NEVER EVER tweet something like that” Kim Kardashian reacts

Remember the Fake Kim Kardashian Tweet that caused uproar on Twitter yesterday, the one that got so many Nigerians crazy nuts? Kim has finally responded to those tweets.
She said;
I see there’s a photo shopped tweet floating around, supposedly something I said about Nigeria. That was NOT me, or my feelings.
 See tweets below:

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Hot or Not: Kim Kardashian Changes Eye Colour

I assumed that the last thing on a woman who is laden with burden of her first pregnancy would be changing the colour of her eye. Well, not so for Kim Kardashian. She’s got time for a bulging belly, vampire facials and tweaking that eye colour just a little bit.Do you find it hot or not.

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Kim Kardashian To Rent Entire Hospital Floor During Child Birth

US socialite, Kim Kardashian plans to book an entire floor of a hospital when she delivers her first child.
The reality TV star of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ seems to be getting all dramatic and ecstatic as she prepares for the arrival of her baby that is due in July.
According to UK’s celebrity magazine, Daily Star, an insider and a source close to the reality TV star says, ‘Kim is taking the preparations for childbirth very seriously…she wants everything to be perfect and, luckily for her, money is no object.’
‘They (Kim and Kanye) have booked an entire floor at their chosen hospital and her room will be totally sound-proofed before the delivery, she wants all outside influences and noise of traffic muted.’ the insider revealed. 
Kim, who obviously wants her child’s entry to the world to be idyllic, ‘plans to reflect the sounds of nature with a trickling water and soothing wind CD. She wants dimmed blue, green and purple lighting as she gives birth,’ the source also added.
Earlier this week, it was alleged that Kim’s boyfriend, Music artiste/producer, Kanye West wants to call their child North, as he feels it goes well with his last name.

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Kanye West avoiding pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian?

The rapper and his pregnant reality star girlfriend haven’t been photographed together in weeks and insiders are claiming Kanye has grown tired of their relationship…

From In Touch
“His passion for Kim has cooled,” a Kardashian family insider tells In Touch. “This is a man who was once so infatuated with Kim that he would do anything to win her love. Now he’s trying to get away from her, despite the fact that they’re having a baby.”
“It’s making Kim very nervous,” the insider says. “If Kanye abandons her and she ends up a single mom, it will be her worst nightmare.”
Hmmmm… see more from In Touch after the cut…

Has Kim forced Kanye to head for the hills? It’s possible. Here’s how:
She Forced Him to Go On TV: Kanye reluctantly agreed to do Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but he’s made it clear he wants nothing more to do with reality TV and says Kim should step away, too.
She Made Him Do Covers: Kim persuaded Kanye to pose with her on the racy cover of French magazine L’Oficiel Hommes— but he didn’t show his face.
She Sets Up Silly Photo Ops: Kim roped Kanye into posing for a series of zip-lining pictures in Mexico in August, but he didn’t look happy at all. The rapper made sure the embarrassing images were blocked from running for months.

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Is Kim Kardashian Quitting When Things Just Got Real?

The reality TV star could retire tomorrow and live off her reported worth of $40 million for the rest of her life and that of her unborn child. Instead, she’s vowed to film “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” for at least two more seasons. What is she looking for? More money?

According to Life&Style Magazine this month, Kim’s baby has hardly slowed her down given the outrageous distances she’s been flying and gigs she’s been hosting across the world, all because she’s getting more papers. Kim’s pregnancy has already cost her a lucrative deal with a liqueur brand, Midori, and so it looks as though she’s more concerned about keeping the cash flowing.

But is Kim getting tired of it all? “There’s a lot of a growing pain,” Kim mused about pregnancy. “But I have heard it’s all worth it.” Meanwhile, boyfriend/rapper Kanye West is now being attacked by mom/manager Kris Jenner for encouraging Kim quit reality TV. Kris believes such a move could cost the family tens of millions.

Kanye, on the other hand, believes Kim’s career will skyrocket if she leaves reality television for good. A source told OK Magazine that “Kanye has been watching her shows and he thinks they are demeaning to her and the rest of her family.”

Big question is: How Real can a Reality TV star be? Most fans are eager to watch Kim nurture her pregnancy till the end and see her become a mom. But now she claims that she’s put so much of her life out there and it’s now time for her to be private. “My boyfriend has thought me a lot about privacy,” she told Dujour Magazine. “I realize that everyone doesn’t need to know everything.”

But then comes the tens-of-millions-of-dollars question: What becomes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” without Kim?

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Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian’s Personal Information & Finances Hacked And Exposed

A serial hacker has exposed a list of celebrities with their personal information and their finances including the Carters and Kim Kardashian.

Details of the massive hacking and what other celebrities were victims surfaced online late Monday (March 11) night.

Twelve big celebs and political figures, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, are the victims of a hacker who has posted detailed information about what appears to be their finances … and we’ve learned law enforcement is on the case. A website (which TMZ refused to disclose its name) has posted social security numbers, mortgage amounts, credit card info, car loans, banking and other info of major celebs. In addition to Beyonce and Jay-Z … the site has snagged financial dossiers of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Joe Biden, Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

The Los Angeles Police Department has already launched an investigation while new celebrities continue to become targeted. The site was not able to get a lot on Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, but most of the others on the list have had their financial info compromised. The list got longer Tuesday morning with reports that Britney Spears and Donald Trump have also been hacked.

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