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Nigerian Idols: Moses and Debbie Rise jostle for crown

The battle for the Nigerian Idol crown between Moses and Debbie Rise reminds one of the contest between Omawumi Megbele and Timi Dakolo.

Looking at the contestants at the final stage- the guy versus girl; plump versus skinny; energy versus finesse, where else have we seen this all before if not between the ever delightful and energetic Omawumi and the reserved yet confident Timi Dakolo? It was a tough decision for the judges but eventually Timi took it all. Omawumi took second and rocketed into the limelight with her single ‘In the Music’.

Both finalists share unique traits with their predecessors. Moses has Omawumi’s big voice and Timi’s quiet personality while Debbie’s sound is more of a match with Timi. She does, however, share Omawumi’s energy and never-back-down spirit.

Sunday night’s performance put Moses and Debbie Rise in definite juxtaposition with each other. Debbie was a diva with her song choices, singing ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child, ‘Fallin” by Alicia Keys and mash up of ‘Shy Guy’ by Diana King. Moses took his pick and sang ‘Forget You’ by Cee-Lo Green, ‘Redemption Song’ by Bob Marley and ‘Oliver Twist’ by D’Banj.

In the end, it is up to Nigerians to choose who has what it takes to become the next Nigerian Idol. It will be a showdown on Sunday as the grand finale airs and Nigerian Idol names its season three winner. Who picks the crown – Moses or Debbie Rise?

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Seven down, four left to be eliminated: There can be only one Nigerian Idol

The girl with the baby doll voice, Efezino bid her tearful goodbye as Nigerian Idol sailed past the halfway point and into the top five. It was a bitter-sweet moment for the young woman with a unique voice, who
had struggled with song choices throughout the seasonand had brilliant song moments along the way. The competition is now left with five contestants looking to be crowned the season three champion of Nigerian Idol. This week, the guest judge was brilliant singer andentertainer, Dare Art Alade, who came excited to see what the remaining contestants could deliver. Along with host Ill Rhymz, Jeffrey Daniel, Femi Kuti and YinkaDavies were the regular judges on the show.
The themes for the evening were music from the late, legendary R&B singer, Luther Vandross, as well as something straight from the home shores: highlife.
The evening started off with a very special performance by Fatai Rolling Dollar ‘Won Kere si Number Wa’. At 87 years of age, it was a joy to behold his energetic and spritely performance, and he eventually was
joined on stage by the eager group of contestants. An appreciative in-studio audience gave the performance a loud and prolonged standing ovation, thrilled by the performance. Fatai Rolling Dollar had this to say about young, upcoming performers: “I love what the young artists now are doing. They have a good message for the young crowd out there, and I absolutely love it!”
It was then the contestants’ turn to perform, starting with Luther Vandross songs. Safeeyat started off the night, and performed ‘So Amazing’. Jeffrey told a disappointed Safeeyat that “…the passion and emotionthat was supposed to be in this song, I was not getting that.” Dare gave his own critique saying, “I think you struggled to connect to the song.” JayFeel, was next, singing ‘ If I Didn’t Know Better’. While Yinka looked mildly pleased with his performance, Dare was blunt with his criticism telling the back-flipping singer, “I thought you didn’t really control the song.” Jeffrey added, “Your voice was scratchy.”
Moses performance of ‘If Only for one Night’ had the judges on the fence. While Dare told him, “One word: soulful,” Femi was disinclined to agree, saying, “It was good as usual,” then referred to his words of
warning to the ‘teddy bear’ singer last week about sustaining a performance. Yinka was thrilled however, hugging Moses and saying, “That is what I’m talking about!” Abasiakan’ rendition of ‘I’d Rather’ saw an
ecstatic crowd rise to their feet, and the judges were effusive with their praise. Jeffrey told him, “That was greatness in the making right here!” Femi was equally enthusiastic, telling him, “What I loved most was the way you modulated changing key…it’s like you were flying and took us along with you.” However, Dare toldhim he needed to connect more with the audience.
Debbie was the last for the evening, starting with a beautiful guitar intro for her version of ‘Dance with myFather’. Again, the judges gave mixed reactions, with Yinka saying the guitar worked for her but Femi
telling the strumming songstress, “You can’t give yourcompetitors any chance.”
Then the competition switched gears and turned to the highlife tunes, starting with Moses and an experimentaltake on the classic song, ‘Sweet Mother’. The judges got into quite a heated argument, with Dare of the opinion that the changes made to the song were too experimental, while Yinka on the other hand, told him. “You did very well! Your transitions were on point.” Abasiakan took on the challenge of ‘Hallelujah’ by one of Nigeria’s greatest divas: Onyeka Onwenu. A quick learner, he took Dare’s earlier critique to heart, and tried to connect with the audience, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the judges. Femi said, “I’m happy contestants are listening to our critiques.” Jeffrey seemed to quite like the performance, saying, “Africanmusic brings out something in you. Everything about the performance—I loved it.” Dare was pleased that Abasiakan took his advice telling him, “You nailed it, and you were dancing!”
JayFeel chose to perform ‘Taxi Driver’ wearing an afrowig, bow tie, shorts and knee length socks. It was another polarising performance. Dare said, “I would like to see a lot more musicianship from you at this stage of such a competition.” Femi was even more blunt, saying, “I think Dare is right, in the middle of thesong you went off key, twice.” Debbie Rise performed ‘Mos’orire’ and it seemed she has been battling
vocal issues. While the judges loved it, Yinka warned her not to scream, and Dare told her, “It was creative, it was enjoyable…but be wary of your voice.”
Last for the evening was Safeeyat performing ‘Seun Rere’. The judges all noticed an obvious disconnect between her vocals and the band performance and while her vocal performance was excellent, the judges were all disappointed with the overall attempt.
There you have it. The top five have performed and are now waiting for your votes to keep them in the competition. Who will prevail?
You can watch who makes it to the next stage on Saturday on NTA at 3:00pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 7:30pm, Superscreen at 6:30pm,TVC at 9:30pm, Real Star TV on Startimes at 9pm, channels 209 on Sky and 828 on Virgin (Africa ChannelUK) at 9pm on the RESULT SHOW. Then, catch all-new performances on Sunday on NTA at 3:30pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 8:00 pm, TVC at 8:30 pm, Superscreen at 9:30pm, Real Star TV on Startimes at 9pm, channels 209 on Sky and 828 on Virgin (Africa Channel UK) at 9pm
Nigerian Idol is the biggest music show across Africa and it is brought to you by Etisalat, in association with Pepsi and supported by Beat FM

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Double It Up: Nigerian Idol Contestants Sing Duets

Now that Danny Angus, aka “The Accountant” is no more, sent home along with Kome, Nigerian Idol is left with just six contestants: Safeeyat, JayFeel, Abasiakan, Efezino, Debbie Rise and Moses.

On Sunday night, the contestants leaped into the future after last weeks’ blasts from the past, trying some of the biggest Nigerian hit songs on for size. Who hit the spectacular notes and who was a spectacular failure? And just how did those duets go?

The show turned the heat on the contestants up a notch, by pairing contestants with each other to sing duets. Efezino and Abasiakan were the first pair, singing ‘Comforter’s Song’ by Asa and Jeremiah Gyang.
Then came Debbie Rise and Moses—‘Bottom Bele’ by Omawumi and Flavour was their song of choice. Lastly, Sefeeyat and Jayfeel sang ‘Without my Heart’ by Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy.

Efezino and Abasiakan were a well-matched pair, and delivered a breezy, song, that made you think of cuddling up to a significant other. It was definitely a good match and hopefully, they will get to perform together again.

Debbie Rise and Moses were also surprisingly good together. They looked like they were having tons of fun dancing around on stage and killed it with their performance.

JayFeel and Sefeeyat. Sigh. It sounded like the poor girl was on her own. She carried song almost entirely by herself with her powerful vocals, while JayFeel sang his lines out of tune, and mouthed the words in the chorus, trying to hog the stage. Still, the crowd loved it and ate it all up.

Do you think you agree? For more information on the show, visit and watch who makes to the next round on Saturday on NTA at 3:00pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 7:30pm, Superscreen at 6:30pm, TVC at 9:30pm and Real Star TV on Startimes at 9pm, to watch the results show.

Then, catch all-new performances on Sunday on NTA at 3:30pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 8:00 pm, TVC at 8:30 pm, Superscreen at 9:30pm and Real Star TV on Startimes at 9pm.

The top prize for this season is worth a superb $100,000, in which the lucky winner will get: 7.5 million naira in cash, a recording contract also worth 7.5 million naira, and a brand new SUV. Runner-ups will not be left out as they will be given prizes to the tune of 10 million naira.

Visit for compelling back story videos, juicy behind the scene news, and get a taste of what is coming. For the latest information, Like the Nigerian Idol Facebook page, and follow Nigeria Idol on Twitter at, and you could be eligible to win some fantastic prizes, including the opportunity to be live in the studio for a recording.

Nigerian Idol is the biggest music show across Africa and is brought to you by Etisalat, in association with Pepsi and supported by Beat FM.

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Win an invite to the Nigerian Idol Eviction Party this Friday!

Dear Esteemed Readers, answer these questions and win an invite to the Nigerian Idol Eviction Party taking place tomorrow at 11pm. The first three correct answers will be selected. All questions pertain to the Nigerian Idol show. Good luck.


1. Unscrabble this; E E J Y F L A
2. What contestant performed Pussy Cat Dolls’ ‘I Hate this Part Right Here’ last weekend?
3. What are the airing times of the show on Soundcity?

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