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P-Square working on 6th album

 The brothers are currently in the studio working on their sixth album…

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PSquare gets freaky with Canadian ladies during performance on stage


PSquareCrazyCanadaTour4PSquare had their female Canadian fans acting all kinds of freaky when the singing duo hit the stage for a sold-out performance in Calgary. Now, this is one show they won’t forget in a hurry. More raunchy pictures after the cut…PSquareCrazyCanadaTour



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Peter & Paul Okoye Of P-Square Become Honorary Calgarians

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The superstar singers who are currently on their US/Canada Tour, shared the photos and good news on instagram.


They said they have been sworn in as honorary Calgarians – an honour bestowed on foreigners who have done very well in their chosen field.4 (22)

They were presented with official white hats after the ceremony. Calgary is the largest city in southern Alberta, Canada and it’s citizens are called Calgarians.


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Peter Okoye’s (P-Square) Proposal Spoof By Bovi – THE PROPOSAL

Peter Okoye’s (P-Square) Proposal Spoof By Bovi – THE PROPOSAL

Funnyman Bovi is at it again in this new video, The Proposal, which is a spoof of Peter Okoye’s (P-Square) proposal to Lola Omotayo with a range rover and is supposed to be some sort of promo for his upcoming show.

This time around the joke is on him after he worked hard on his knees to earn a slap from his “long time girlfriend” Ijeoma who assumed Bovi was going to pop the question. The skit is a little bit funny, however it’s not funny enough to make you want to hit replay.

Check it out…



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Top Ten Richest Artistes In Africa: 2face Idibia, Banky W, D’Banj and P-Square Makes List

According to Africa Answers, Tuface, BankyW, D’Banj and PSquare are among Africa’s Ten Wealthiest Artistes.
And in their list, they placed BankyW number 9, 2Face Idibia got their 7th position, D’Banj came 3rd while PSquare was placed 2nd after Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour who topped the list. About their earning, AfricaAnswers wrote that;

PSquare makes more than $150,000 per show. Their Squareville which is located at Ikeja is worth $3 million and as part of their brand support, they also have a 3 years deal with Globalcom; a Nigerian telecommunication company as brand ambassadors where they are paid a million dollars a year.
D banj, they said, made $1 million dollars when he was paid by a T.V station to star on his own reality show called the Koko Mansion. He has a crib in Atlanta worth of $1.5 million and reportedly charges on the upside of $100000 per show currently.
Tuface has a vast investment in real estate across Nigeria, earns around $50k to $80k per show and owns a night club in Nigeria just to name a few.
For Banky W, they wrote he has been a brand ambassador for Etisalat mobile in Nigeria and is currently the face for Samsung products in the West African nation. Out of his generous heart, Banky W has started off Mr Capable foundation; an education charity organization with the aim to aid in the education of children from poor families.

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P-Square: Only ‘One Thing’ Can Split Us

The due singers Peter and Pual better know as P-Square in a recent interview with Vanguard shared their stories when they were asked if P-Square will split someday.
Read after the cut, their reply when asked about their oil business and if they have ever shared a woman.  *chuckles*

We have seen great musical groups split in the industry. Will Psquare ever split some day?

Like I said earlier, each time, people look at Peter and Paul, they conclude that we are perfect. But they don’t know that I fight with Paul the same way he fights with me. We quarrel and fight with each other the same way you quarrel and fight with your siblings. The only thing that matters most is that we don’t bring such quarrel into our business.

I always tell my friends, the only person who will tell us to split is our mother but she’s no more. Even if she were to be alive, would she allow us to split? The day we are going to make up our minds to split, it will be an open decision. May be, when I say I want to retire or Paul says he wants to continue with his career in music. That does not mean that I wouldn’t give him my support

What has kept two of you together?

Of course, we are blood brothers. And we always think of where we are coming from. Our parents never had anything. They were not rich people. If Paul say today that we must split, I will only look at him and laugh. Sometimes, I’d swallow my pride to ensure that peace reigns between two of us.

Have you tried to intervene in those popular split in the industry?

The best way I can intervene is to keep Peter and Paul together. Let them watch and learn from us.

But he’s your twin brother?

It goes beyond brotherhood. The Jacksons split. There was this group that wanted to split some time ago, I intervened and made them see reasons they should remain together no matter the odds. Yes, money might be the cause of the split. But I don’t share money with Paul. That’s the way we have been working because we never had anything from the out set. I’m not saying this because you are interviewing me, between Paul and I, money has never been a problem.

Have you had any cause to date the same woman?

Every woman wants to hang out with Peter. This is because everybody knows that Peter is more outgoing than Paul. But I doubt if any woman can cause a problem between Paul and myself. Money would have been the devil that will cause a problem between us than woman. Any woman that wants to cause trouble between us is wasting her time.

How did you grow up with Paul?

Our growing up was fantastic. I’m the person who was always on the stubborn side. Then, I would go out there and cause some stir, and they would put the blame on Paul because we are twins.
We were always wearing the same clothes. I and Paul grew up doing things together. It has remained like that till date. That’s the way our mum trained us, what Paul does not like today, I will not like either. May be, this is what has been holding us together.

Recently it was rumoured that you are into oil and gas business?

Yes, it’s about to kick off. My music is doing very well in the market, and investing in other areas will help to boost my pocket. Which is not a bad idea.

It was also rumoured some time ago that you guys bought a private jet. Was it true?

There was nothing like that. I guess because it was included in our list that whenever we are going for a specific show, the organizers must provide us with a private jet. We had a deal with a private jet company which always hire their private jet to us whenever we are in need of it. It’s like, we have a private jet at our disposal. I remember, I once tweeted that a private jet has been included in our list. That was how people started speculating that Psquare has bought a private jet. But we always travel with the jet all the time.

But do you have a plan to buy a private jet?

To be honest with you, the way things are going, we are planning to buy one. And it’s not because of the cost implication of hiring a private jet, but the fact that we want to meet up with our concerts.

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NETPod: Psquare, Lagbaja duet on Globacom’s new theme song

Pop stars Psquare and revered Nigerian musician Lagbaja have wowed on a rare collaboration titled ‘Unlimited’.
The song which serves as a promo single for telecoms company Globacom’s new pay-off line (Psquare are GLO ambassadors) actually sounds good; Lagbaja’s traditional sound is heavy on the danceable tune and Psquare deliver too. Nice!


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LEAK:P Square – Unlimited Feat. Lagbaja

New Leak from the Square records kitchen , The unexpected i would say never thought there would be a psquare featuring the legendary LAGBAJA .. well we are here now

Share your Thoughts about the song..


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[Music]:Samini – Azonto [Alingo Cover | P-Square Diss]

Samini went hard on P-square’s Alingo Instrumental….Something Like a Diss Track…..Enjoy!!!!!


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