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PUNCH reporters rubbish Tiwa Savage in new post

Tiwa Savage

Enjoy this PUNCH newspaper article titled “Flop of the week”
Records’ first lady, Tiwa Savage, used to live in the UK before she
returned to Nigeria. Of course, over there, she was relatively unknown.
She once participated in the UK’s X factor.

It didn’t get her the
desired fame. Tiwa was still irrelevant while she was there and
therefore wouldn’t have dared to assault a UK policeman.

However, when Tiwa came back to Nigeria,
her talents blew up. She became recognised, got signed under one of the
leading record labels, bagged endorsement deals here and there and
became a popular face. Of course, she joined the league of the A-list
acts that now laugh all the way to the bank.
Now, Tiwa can afford to assault a Nigerian policeman as alleged.
It was reported earlier in the week that
the pretty singer was whisked away by the police for allegedly
humiliating a policeman who apprehended her for violating traffic rules.
Those who were there claimed Tiwa got down from her car and angrily removed the man’s beret.
Not just a few condemned the alleged attitude. Tiwa may have lost some of her fans over the incident.
“Tiwa Savage is a disappointment for
daring to remove a policeman’s cap. What point was she trying to make by
such a crude act? Does she know that she is a role model to many, by
virtue of being a star, and that her irresponsible behaviour goes far
beyond the confines of her abode? I hope she realises her mistake and
apologises to the police as well as her fans,” a fan said.


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