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Shoe News: Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2014

While in Milan, I was able to preview Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall 2014 line!
The famous Italian shoe maker will be celebrating his 20th year in the business with four capsule collections representing themes that are quintessential to the Zanotti brand.

Take a look at what we can expect in a few months:
giuseppe zanotti fall 2014

5  giuseppe zanotti fall 2014
Furry, bedazzled, gold plaqued, and fabulous, Mr. Zanotti is not holding back on glamour for his forthcoming collection.
3  giuseppe zanotti fall 2014
2  giuseppe zanotti fall 2014

8  giuseppe zanotti fall 2014 1

Though pictures weren’t allowed during the presentation, I can tell you that the designer will be coming out with ’2 Chainz’ sneakers created in collaboration with the rapper himself (just imagine the designer’s current chain sneakers with 2 gold links on the back).
2 chainz american music awards 2013 2 chainz versace
At any rate, what do you think of the styles above?
See anything you’d rock?


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